Linksfield Primary School

Since 31st July 1950, Linksfield Primary has combined a respect for tradition with an embracing of the future, academic rigour with a caring heart, and an appreciation of the individual with the warmth of a small school community.

Today, in a world where society is increasingly fragmented, our school builds on values of honesty, respect, integrity and hard work to develop an intellectual community, which is devoted to the success of its learners.

The Primary School curriculum is divided into the Reception Year (Grade 0), the Foundation Phase (Grade 1-3) and the Intermediate and Senior Phase (Grade 4-7).


School Fees

In terms of the South African Schools Act school fees are determined each year by the parent body. The school rely on the fees to be able to maintain a high standard.


School-Based Support Team

SBST. helps teachers and parents to make decisions about assessments that children may need and also the type of help they require.


Linksfield Turns 71 Years

July 2021 marks 71 years since it was established on the 31st July 1950. The school’s first principal was Mr R M van der Schyff.

Ten Commitments For Parents

1  I will always love and respect my child

for who he is and not who I want him to be.

2  I will give my child space –

to grow, to dream, to succeed and even sometimes to fail.

3  I will create a loving home environment and show my child that she is

loved, whenever and however I can.

4  I will, when discipline is necessary, let my child know that

I disapprove of what he does, not who he is.

5  I will set limits for my child and help him find security

in the knowledge of what is expected of him.

6  I will make time for my child and cherish our moments together,

realizing how important – and fleeting – they are.

7  I will not burden my child with emotions and problems he is not equipped to deal with,

remembering that I am the parent and he is the child

8  I will encourage my child to experience the world and all its possibilities,

guiding him in its ways and taking pains to leave him careful but not fearful.

9  I will take care of myself physically and emotionally

so that I can be there for my child when he needs me.

10  I will try to be the kind of person I want my child to grow up to be –

loving, fair-minded, moral, giving and hopeful.

~author unknown~