About Linksfield Primary

At Linksfield Primary School we focus on developing well rounded learners, who are emotionally, physically and socially stimulated. Emphasis is placed on achieving the best academic results the learner is capable of achieving, whilst also exposing them to activities aimed at giving them the life skills needed to become well-rounded young people.


All classrooms are well equipped and emanate an atmosphere conducive to the learning process. Smart Boards are being used to support and engage learners of every age, ability and learning style. The school is blessed with well qualified and highly motivated and experienced teachers.


2015 saw the introduction of the Apple iPad as another teaching aid for our learners.


The focus in English classes is on developing a love for reading.


Comprehension skills are vital to a child's general progress and a child who reads well and loves it, is a child who will excel. Parents are asked to encourage their children to read as much as possible at home, to switch off the TV, to visit the library and to set time aside in their daily lives to read themselves to set a very important example.


Long before the G.D.E. recomended weekly 30 minute reading period compulsory, Linksfield Primary had instituted a USSR (Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading) programme so our learners were already benefiting from this period of reading every week- and they love it!

Our School

The Primary School curriculum is divided into a Reception Year (Grade 0), Foundation Phase (Grade 1-3) Intermediate and Senior Phase (Grade 4-7).


We also offer at a cost the following support services:


The media centre is well stocked with books, posters, video audio tapes and other assorted media. Learners are able to research on the internet under supervision of the staff members.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the School is…..

    • To produce a well-rounded child who is equipped in social, academic, sporting, aesthetic, technological, entrepreneurial and leadership skills in order to become a model South African Citizen.
    • To cater for the child's holistic needs in order for him or her to achieve excellence, originality and creativity, a sense of belonging, self-discipline, know and practice positive values and tolerance.
    • To prepare learners for higher education, life-long learning and ever changing world.
    • To employ dedicated, innovative and community representative teaching staff, in partnership with a committed, supportive parent body they will provide a fun, fair, loving and secure environment.
    • To recognising the diversity of the broader community. To this end  Linksfield Primary will strive to provide an environment where diversity in culture is respected, reflected and valued.