Extra Murals

At Linksfield Primary we encourage all our children to become actively involved in our extra mural programme. We offer a variety of activities:


Term 1 and 4: Cricket, Swimming, Rugby
Term 2: Netball, Soccer, Rugby
Term 3: Athletics, Cross-country, Hockey, Girls' soccer, Rugby
Term 4: Environmental Club
Choir for Seniors all 4 terms

Learners' Council

In 2015 Linksfield Primary introduced a learner electorate, who vote for councillors in Grade 7, to serve for a one year term, in place of school prefects.

This initiative is an attempt to bring about real life experience to the learners, on various aspects of team work, organisational skills, and community service. It brings to the participating learners an understanding of the responsibilities of people holding office in public service.

Volunteer learners have to prepare and present their election campaign for various positions.


The electorate body is made up of learners from Grade 4 to Grade 7.


The electoral body, elect their preferred councillors, who are then tasked to form the head committee, which is the controlling body coordinating efforts, taking minutes in meetings, controlling budgets when allocated, at all times serving the school, and the Linksfield community at large.


The elected body then appoint a Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Secretary and a Treasurer. This forms the governing body for the elected members.


Teachers appoint the heads for various committees, in line with their expressed areas of interest such as Outreach, Care and Support, Entertainment, Earth committee. The teachers also allocate other Grade 7 learners to assist the different committee heads to fulfil their responsibilities.


We will watch their growth with interests confident that they will succeed.